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Car Breakdowns: 3 Common Mechanical Issues Behind Tow Call Outs

by Brittany Marshall

At some point when you are driving, your car will break down and you will need it towed to a nearby auto repair shop. More often than not, car breakdowns are caused by undetected mechanical problems, and this does not necessarily mean that you are at fault.

Here's a look at some common mechanical failures that normally result in breakdown tow call outs:

Brake system failure

Your car's brake system performs the crucial function of allowing you to slow down or stop the vehicle when you are on the road. Hence, your brakes are an essential safety feature that you cannot afford to drive without. There are a lot of surefire signs that may indicate your brake system is experiencing problems and you will need tow service to the mechanic shop.

Do the brakes fail to disengage even after you have taken your foot off the brake pedal or do they produce annoying squeaking noise when you release your foot? Have you spotted brake fluid leaks that prevent the various brake system components from remaining sufficiently lubricated while the engine is running? Or perhaps, your steering wheel vibrates a lot each time you step on the brake pedal.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it is clear that you need brake system repair service, and this is good enough reason to pull over to the side of the road and call for breakdown tow service.

Cooling system failure

Cooling system letdown is another major cause of car breakdowns. Vehicle engines typically generate a lot of heat when they are running, which explains why car manufacturers usually incorporate cooling systems to prevent engine overheating problems. Leakage of coolant fluid from the cooling system is the primary source of engine overheating problems.

Likely leak spots include the radiator, head gasket, water pump, hoses, freeze plugs, thermostat housing, transmission oil cooler, cylinder heads, etc. If you notice coolant fluid leaking from your car, you will need tow service to the auto repairer to have the problem quickly sorted out.

Transmission failure

Transmission problems may make it difficult for you to drive safely. If your car responds slower or quicker than usual when you change gears, then you might be experiencing transmission failures. Or maybe your car surges dangerously for no apparent reason, making you lose control of the vehicle when you are on the road. These are all incidences that point out to transmission problems that require the immediate withdrawal from the road and tow service to the auto repair shop.

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