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4 Instances When You Will Need To Replace Your Car's Spark Plugs

by Brittany Marshall

A spark plug is an electrical component of your car that sits inside your engine cylinder head. This spark plug is connected to the ignition coil that produces the high voltage necessary to spark the fuel for putting your car into motion. A spark plug is vital for your engine's motor, so you must ensure it is in good condition at all times. This guide is designed to help you with different instances where you will need to replace your spark plugs at a professional car service.

Your Engine Produces A Rough Sound While Idling

Your engine typically idles in the stationary position and gives out a smooth, constant sound. If something is wrong with your spark plugs, then the engine will generate a jittery and rough sound. The vibrations will also seem larger through the car. This can eventually lead to an engine breakdown if you're not careful. Make sure you take the car to a car service centre immediately to diagnose and fix your spark plug problem.

You Have Trouble When Starting Your Car

Many car owners assume that their cars don't start because of low fuel or flat batteries. While these are highly plausible reasons, don't overlook the problem of worn out spark plugs causing the starting problem. If your spark plugs are enable to generate the spark to get the car moving, then you'll remain at a standstill. In some instances, faulty spark plugs may also cause your battery to drain prematurely. You may need to get both your battery and spark plugs changed to fix the problem.

You Notice Your Engine Surging

If your spark plugs are faulty, then your car will suck in more air than necessary during the combustion process. This will cause your car to jerk and continuous stop and start. This will put tremendous stress on your engine and it may break down completely. If you notice these engine start and stop surges, be sure to take your car to a professional car service centre immediately because the problem could lie with your spark plugs.

Your Car Consumes More Fuel Than Before

If your spark plugs deteriorate over time, then you may notice a considerable decline in the fuel economy of your car because of incomplete combustion. If you notice that your car consumes more fuel than before, be sure to get the spark plugs checked for deterioration.

If you notice any of these instances occurring with your vehicle, then it's likely that your spark plugs need replacement. Get a qualified car service centre to diagnose and fix the spark plug problem for you.