The Anatomy of Healthy Cars: A Service and Repair Blog

  • Some Typical Symptoms of an Ailing Brake System

    17 November 2016

    Your braking system is an essential safety feature of your car. It allows you to slow down when you are accelerating the vehicle, and it also lets you stop when you need to. Therefore, you should not take any chances when it comes to ensuring that your brakes are functioning properly at all times. Here are a number of tell-tale signs your car may be experiencing brake trouble and should be taken to the mechanic shop.

  • A Spring In Your Step: Should You Have Your Trailer's Leaf Springs Replaced With Torsion Springs?

    14 September 2016

    The suspension system is one of the most important parts of any load-bearing trailer, providing cushioning against bumps and dips in the road to provide a smooth towing experience and protect whatever cargo your trailer is carrying. However, you have a couple of options when it comes to the kind of suspension system your trailer uses, and traditional reliable leaf springs are giving way to more compact torsion springs for many trailer applications.

  • What You Should Do Before Taking a Long Road Trip

    12 August 2016

    If you are planning on taking a long road trip soon, there are some things you need to do first. The following tips cover everything from making sure your car can handle the trip to keeping your passengers occupied. Make Hotel Reservations Ahead of Time For the longer road trips, you are going to need to make stops so you can sleep overnight without having to camp out in your vehicle.

  • Learn How To Shift Gears on Your Dirt Bike to Prevent Clutch Repairs

    14 July 2016

    If you have purchased a dirt bike, you need to ensure that you know how to shift gears. This is because incorrect shifting of the gears can lead to the premature wear and tear of the clutch mechanism. This in turn results in unnecessary clutch repairs, which could prove to be expensive over time. Therefore, it would be prudent to practice shifting gears on your dirt bike before you can start riding it on a regular basis.

  • How to Make Your Car Last Longer

    22 June 2016

    You rely on your vehicle to get you to work or school, run errands, and go on dates; what would you do if it broke down? It is important that you take really good care of your car to help it last as long as possible, which you can do with the following tips. Check the Fluids Regularly The fluids in your car are a lot more important than you might think.

  • 4 Steps to Take When You Top Your Truck Up With the Wrong Fuel

    17 May 2016

    So, you've just finished topping up your truck, only to realise that you've put in the wrong type of fuel. Whether you've added diesel to your petrol vehicle or petrol to your diesel, this is a serious problem that can necessitate extensive and costly repairs, but the negative effects can be minimised by taking the steps below. 1. Don't Start It Up First thing's first: Do not start up your vehicle after you have noticed that you've put in the wrong type of fuel.

  • Auto service tips | General tips on replacing your cylinder head

    10 May 2016

    A cylinder head is a part of the cylinder where the piston exerts pressure to compress the gases for combustion. You can detect problems with your car cylinder by the odour it produces. A strong sweet odour means that the coolant is leaking into the cylinder. Grey smoke also points towards a cylinder problem. If you're thinking of replacing it, then here are a number of tips to make the process seamless.

  • A Few Quick Troubleshooting Tips for a Car's Steering Problems

    3 May 2016

    Obviously your car's steering needs to be in good working order at all times, otherwise you may struggle to control your car and may not even be able to drive it. Not all problems with power steering are actually the steering itself, however, which is why it's good to know a little bit about how the steering is connected to other systems and components. This will give you an idea of what to look for when you do have problems with controlling the car's steering and help you know what to expect when you talk to a mechanic.

  • Car Breakdowns: 3 Common Mechanical Issues Behind Tow Call Outs

    3 May 2016

    At some point when you are driving, your car will break down and you will need it towed to a nearby auto repair shop. More often than not, car breakdowns are caused by undetected mechanical problems, and this does not necessarily mean that you are at fault. Here's a look at some common mechanical failures that normally result in breakdown tow call outs: Brake system failure Your car's brake system performs the crucial function of allowing you to slow down or stop the vehicle when you are on the road.

  • Car Service | 4 Steps To Clean Your Dirt-Laden Car Exhaust Pipe

    28 April 2016

    Your car exhaust is often overlooked, but keep in mind that it is a vital component used to direct harmful exhaust gases away from your car to protect it from overheating or getting damaged. Dirt-filled or broken exhaust systems will cause harmful fumes to enter the passenger compartment, which can cause injuries and poisoning. To prevent this from happening, you must ensure that you properly clean your dirt-laden car exhaust pipe.