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  • How Do You Know if the Engine Mountings on Your Vehicle Are Still Okay?

    11 April 2022

    Did you know that the average weight of the engine in a small car is around 158 kg? Also, did you realise that when that motor is in full song, it tends to vibrate a great deal and needs to be securely held in place in order to work correctly? Most people do not give their engine mountings a second thought as they are hidden on the underside of the chassis, but given the pressure they come under, it's no surprise that they sometimes fail.

  • Three Panel Beating Guidelines for Repairing Your Auto Body

    8 February 2022

    If the panels of your auto body have sustained damage due to a minor accident, you should plan for professional repair by a qualified panel beater. In general, vehicles are resilient and durable in their construction. However, external impact during collisions and crashes will reduce their aesthetic appeal and compromise performance and safety. Moreover, any damage to the auto body will promote fast degradation of the structural material due to rusting.