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Getting a Courtesy Car After an Accident: What Beginners Need to Know

by Brittany Marshall

In the unfortunate event that your car is involved in an accident and needs repairs, you might want to arrange for alternative transportation to get you around. Public transport can be unreliable and inconvenient to many car owners. Furthermore, forking out cash for a taxi or hiring a rental vehicle can be a costly affair. Therefore, a courtesy car is the best alternative because you get a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road. In most instances, you only get a courtesy car when a car technician authorises the repairs on your vehicle. Read on to find out more about getting a courtesy car.

Replacement Vehicle -- A courtesy car is a replacement vehicle offered by a repair shop while your car, which was involved in an accident, is being repaired. Most comprehensive car insurance policies include courtesy cars, but this is not a guarantee. In some circumstances, a client might need to buy a car insurance policy that provides for a courtesy car at an extra cost. Therefore, the provision of a courtesy vehicle differs from one insurer to another. It would be best to read your insurance policy's fine print to avoid inconveniences when you are involved in an accident and your car needs repair work.

Conditions for Getting a Courtesy Car -- Remember that not all garages offer a courtesy car. You should choose a repair shop approved by your car insurer to get a replacement vehicle. Furthermore, if your insurer established that your car is a write-off, they might deny you a courtesy car. Also, a courtesy car can typically only be given to you if you were not at fault during an accident. In other words, you must be a victim.

Like-for-Like Replacement -- Many auto repair shops and insurance companies offer few models of courtesy cars. If you have a large family, being provided with a small car as a replacement can cause many inconveniences. Therefore, getting a similar model of your vehicle when seeking a replacement vehicle is a bonus. If you use a car for work, you need a replacement vehicle that will fit all your tools and equipment. Similarly, if you own a luxurious car, you want a courtesy car in the same class. Remember that you might not necessarily get the same make and model as your vehicle, but a courtesy car should be close to what you own. 

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