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Three Fundamental Tips for Purchasing a Replacement Charge Air Cooler

by Brittany Marshall

If you are planning on replacing your damaged charge air cooler, you should evaluate the products on the market with care. The wrong choice could lead to a decline in auto performance after installation. Moreover, the cooler could fail and even cause damage to the vehicle. The air charger cooler is a critical component that is designed to cool down compressed air flowing from the turbocharger.

The cooling process ensures that the unit will supply the engine with air at the optimal temperature for the best level of combustion. When shopping for your replacement cooler, you must find a product that will promote ideal engine performance. If you are unfamiliar with charge air coolers, consider using these simple guidelines to choose and acquire the best component for your vehicle.

Understand Compatibility

You should think about compatibility first when selecting a charge air cooler to improve the performance of your car or truck. Keep in mind that these products are designed and manufactured in different sizes and configurations. If you choose the wrong type, it will not fit in your vehicle. This result will be unnecessary expenses and inconvenience. In general, you should check on the details of your old cooler. This component will have critical details to guide you on sizing the component. You can even take a picture of the unit and consult your specialist supplier or an auto mechanic for guidance when buying the new one. Remember, you do not have to purchase the exact replacement, but the design must be similar.

Check the Manufacturer

The manufacturer of your charge air cooler will determine the performance of the component. If the fabricator is not reliable, your new unit might collapse prematurely. In an ideal situation, you should look for an original air cooler for your vehicle. However, this option is not always applicable because of the lack of availability and the high costs. Instead, you should opt for an OEM-approved product. This component might not be manufactured by the original vehicle fabricator, but the standards for production are exceptional, guaranteeing good long-term performance.

Evaluate the Specifications

Finally, you should review the technical specifications of the different suitable charge air coolers. You do not have to acquire the component with the best performance level. Instead, think about the value of your vehicle and your budget while reviewing the details. Some of the critical specifications to consider include charge airflow, pressure drop and compatible engine power. For more help or information, discuss your charge air cooler preferences with a local auto accessories supplier.