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Three Panel Beating Guidelines for Repairing Your Auto Body

by Brittany Marshall

If the panels of your auto body have sustained damage due to a minor accident, you should plan for professional repair by a qualified panel beater. In general, vehicles are resilient and durable in their construction. However, external impact during collisions and crashes will reduce their aesthetic appeal and compromise performance and safety. Moreover, any damage to the auto body will promote fast degradation of the structural material due to rusting. Therefore, plan for immediate restoration of the auto body. If the damage is minor, you might be able to handle the work at home. Here are simple guidelines for basic repairs.

Inspect the Vehicle Damage

When planning for the repairs, assess the extent of damage to your auto body. This inspection process is crucial for determining the possibility of conducting complete restoration without help from a panel beater. The primary issue that you should address is the location of the damage. Some sections of the vehicle might not be easy to handle. For instance, if the affected area is curved, the process of removing dents might be more complex. Also, consider the possibility of damage to underlying vehicle features. If there is a chance that core components of the automobile are compromised after your accident, consult a professional.

Understand Dent Removal

You should plan on removing dents without complex tools and techniques first. In some cases, dents can be eliminated without the need for aggressive actions. This process is known as paintless dent removal. The goal of the technique is to pull out the collapsed section of the auto body without damaging the paint. Panel beaters have tools for this process. However, you can improvise at home by using a plunger. Keep in mind that this technique only works when the dent is in a straight section of the auto body. Moreover, the size of the dent should be relatively small. Using paintless dent repair will minimise the need for additional work like painting.

Plan for Filling and Sanding

If your auto body has small holes or tears due to the accident, you should use putty for your repair process. Putty filler is suitable for covering the compromised places without the need for welding. Moreover, the material can contour the misshapen sections of the body panels after hammering or planishing. For the best results, use the putty filler and allow it to cure properly. Then, sand the auto panel with care to create a refined surface. Finally, plan for spray painting the repaired area with a matching colour.

Reach out to a panel beating repair service for more information